Nutritional Excellence

Consumers today are more health-conscious than ever before. They are aware that a healthy lifestyle and, closely linked to this, a balanced and healthy diet are essential to stay fit and agile into old age.

Agree that eating healthy is the most important factor for wellbeing.

Döhler Nutritional Excellence

Döhler Nutritional Excellence is our contribution to providing the growing world population with a healthy and sustainable diet. The aim of Nutritional Excellence is to combine the latest nutritional science findings with current trends such as Health, naturalness, plant-based nutrition and sustainability, thus actively contributing to the development of healthy food.




What is the Nutri-Score?

The Nutri-Score scale is a labelling system which takes the content of beneficial and unfavourable nutrients, as well as the energy content into account and combines this information in a symbol. The scale uses five different colours and letters to indicate whether a product contributes to a healthy diet and can therefore be consumed more frequently (green A), or whether it should be consumed to a lesser extent (red E). We help you to improve the nutritional quality of your food and beverage products.


58 % of consumer globally proactively seek products which improve their health.


The Nutri-Score is currently the best known and mostly applied nutrient labelling system in Europe and a development the whole industry has to face.

Opportunities & Benefit

Discover our opportunities and benefit from:

  • Comprehensive application know-how
  • Deep nutrition and health expertise
  • Natural and plant-based solutions for products with high nutritional quality
  • Reaching a positive Nutri-Score

Nutritional Value

How can we improve the nutritional value of your product and optimise its Nutri-Score?

  • Sugar reduction
  • Fiber increase
  • Protein increase
  • Increase of fruit, vegetable and nut content

We bring ideas to life.

The comprehensive portfolio of Natural ingredients, such as Health & nutrition ingredients,Fruit & vegetable ingredients,Plant-based ingredients,Innovative sweetening solutions nutritional-excellence.andIngredient systems, Provides the optimum foundation for healthy and nutritious product solutions. Döhler develops custom complete solutions, processes and innovations for its customers – from the field to the supermarket shelves.