Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients

Bring refreshing new ideas to your food and beverages with our fruit and vegetable ingredients.

Do you want the pure, fresh taste of nature? Are you looking for exciting new fruits or innovative product concepts that combine indulgence and health? At Döhler, you will find the right solution for all your ideas and requirements.

Thanks to our worldwide presence and decades of experience, we can offer you a broad portfolio of fruit and vegetable ingredients that are tailored exactly to the specific requirements of your industry – from colour to taste and mouthfeel.

You can always rely on the highest sensory stability and the longest shelf life in every product.

Roots around the world

We set ourselves the standard of providing you with premium-quality fruit and vegetable ingredients all year round. That is why we secure the best raw materials through our own fruit and vegetable processing facilities – directly in the area of cultivation – and global sustainable sourcing. In doing so, we set great store by vertical integration – from exclusive contract cultivation to seed research. Our globally-applicable quality standards ensure consistently high quality for even greater delivery reliability and product standardisation.

Wide range of technologies

We have continuously strengthened our expertise in processing natural raw materials over the past decades and play a key role in driving technological development in this field. The result is a unique variety of state-of-the-art technologies that open up almost limitless possibilities for innovative beverage and food applications, such as highly-viscous, high-fibre fruit purees for snack drinks with clean label declarations or CO2-stable fruit juice concentrates for soft drinks, such as fruit splashes or lemonades.

Precisely for your industry

What kind of beverage do you want to produce? Alcoholic or non-alcoholic? Still or carbonated? Clear or naturally cloudy? Perhaps you produce foods such as fruit gums, yoghurt, ice cream or baked goods? Your industry and products place very particular demands on our ingredients. Our advantage is that we are at home in your industry and can meet your specific requirements with our product solutions. That is why we have developed clarified, CO2-stable and alcohol-stable fruit juice concentrates, for example, and can offer you fruit purees with exactly the right viscosity for a broad range of product applications.

Organic certified portfolio

Directly pressed from fresh fruits, NFC juices are very authentic in taste and close to nature. We offer 100% natural, clean label and healthy solutions that are sourced sustainably. Our broad range of organic NFC Juices derives from different origins including regional sources and different organic standards, such as EU and Bioland. Discover nature’s best in purely, fresh form!


Roots around the world
Wide range of technologies
Precisely for your industry
Organic certified portfolio

Döhler Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients

Tailor-made solutions for your product applications.

Thanks to our comprehensive competence in ingredients and our expertise in the development of food and beverage applications, we understand exactly how fruit and vegetable ingredients behave in combination with other components of a recipe – in a wide range of products, packaging types and production processes. That is why you can be sure that our ingredients will give your beverage or food the properties you want permanently – for a multi-sensory experience throughout the entire shelf life.

Our expert blends of fruits and vegetables from the world’s best growing areas guarantee you the highest standardised quality of our ingredients, whether as a single blend or multi-blend of various fruit and vegetable varieties. We will be happy to supply you with certified organic and fair trade products on request.

NFC Juices »

NFC juices for especially fresh, authentic fruit indulgence

Purees & Puree Concentrates »

For a fresh and full-bodied fruit and vegetable taste

Juice Concentrates »

Fruity taste for a wide variety of product applications

Special Concentrates »

The right technical solution for every application

Fruit Sweeteners »

Natural sweetness from 100% fruit

Fruit Ingredients »

Fruit cells and fruit pieces for better indulgence and mouthfeel

Vegetable Ingredients »

Extraordinary taste, brilliant colours, healthy ingredients

Multi-blends »

Always the right mixture of fruit  & vegetable ingredients – innovative and standardised

The best that nature has to offer in Bag in Box! We also offer a wide variety of our fruit juice concentrates and purees in practical and innovative Bag in Box systems. As with all our fruit and vegetable ingredients, the Bag in Box fruit juice concentrates and purees are produced from selected fruits which we purchase from certified suppliers and cultivation partners.

Our large product portfolio of diverse fruit varieties is tailored to your needs and offers you maximum flexibility in production.

Benefit from the many advantages of our Bag in Box systems:

  • Large selection of different fruit varieties: from traditional to tropical fruits
  • High quality and standardised juice concentrates and purees
  • Aseptic packaging guarantees a long shelf life 
  • Storage and transport available both at room temperature and refrigerated
  • Resealable packaging for juice concentrates
  • Products are in stock! Short delivery times!
  • Minimum order quantity: from 1 box (20kg)

Download Bag in Box portfolio: Discover the full range of our exclusive Bag in Box portfolio.