Corporate Governance's-leading-producers,-marketers-and-providers-of-technology-driven-natural-ingredients,-ingredient-systems-and-integrated-solutions-for-the-food-and-beverage-industry,-we-see-ourselves-as-not-only-a-supplier,-but-as-a-reliable-and-responsible-partner-for-our-customers-in-industry-and-retail-as-well-as-for-our-employees-and-suppliers.

A clearly structured and practised corporate governance forms the basis of all our decision and control processes and thus enjoys the highest priority. It represents the long-term and success-oriented management and control of our company by assuming responsibility and respecting our company values. These values are firmly anchored in our fundamentals which constitute the guideline of our daily work and which form the basis for our personnel management.

We are fully aware of the impact of our decisions and therefore act responsibly, transparently and with sustainability in mind. Dealing with risks is appropriate and always in the interest of the company. A targeted and efficient cooperation between Supervisory Board and Executive Board is part of our corporate governance.


Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board advises and monitors the Executive Board in the management of the business and is constantly informed by the Executive Board on issues involved in business development.

The members of the Supervisory Board are made up of members of the owner family and in the majority of experienced personalities from industry and commerce. The interests of the company are clearly the focus of the control and monitoring activities by the Supervisory Board.


Executive Board