Fruit Sweeteners

MultiSweet Fruit®

Natural sweetness from 100% fruit

MultiSweet® Fruit is the natural sweetness from 100% fruit – and an upgrade for your premium products. The fruit sweetness is obtained from the fruit’s own sugar, deacidified, decolourised and deionized – without the use of any chemical additives throughout the entire production process. As a natural alternative to saccharose, MultiSweet Fruit® possesses a similar sweetening intensity and a neutral full sweet taste. Döhler offers a selected portfolio of fruit sweeteners that are tailored to your product requirements and produced in the highest quality at our own fruit processing facilities.

What makes Döhler fruit sweeteners the smarter choice:

  • Nutritional benefits: ideal sugar ratio between fructose, saccharose and glucose for a low glycaemic index and therefore a slow rise in blood sugar levels
  • Possible claim: natural sweetness from 100% fruit
  • A versatile portfolio of fruit sweeteners, tailored to your product e.g. deacidified fruit juice concentrate for dairy products


The best nature has to offer:

  • Apples and pears
  • Grape, carob and pineapple

Application ideal for:

  • Water plus
  • Aqua Fruit
  • Sports and tea beverages
  • Still drinks
  • Carbonated soft drinks 
  • Dairy products & ice cream
  • Jams
  • Confectionery